How to make Virtual reality videos on a budget?

Viewing images and content has come a long way thanks to breakthroughs in the tech field. Industries have gone from still images to videos and now, to virtual reality. The latter is presently rising very fast since it renders immersive content which is phenomenal. Because VR videos are so engrossing and life-like, more people are embracing it. That includes businesses and all types of industries. One of the leading advocates pushing VR content has been the adult industry. In fact, some say that it is thanks to them that virtual reality usage has risen so much. And why it continues to spike more each day.

Proof of this can be found in the thousands of free virtual porn videos found online today. Presently, adult websites lead the way when it comes to VR sites which receive the highest number of visitors. Out of the  top thirty sites which provide people with virtual reality content, more than half carry pornography. A very popular site which has a great deal of high quality adult content centered on virtual reality is Czech VR. Still, there are many regular folks, entrepreneurs and companies jumping on the VR bandwagon as well. They understand how powerful it is for marketing purposes. Whether it’s to promote a product, service brand or an individual’s personal agenda, VR videos work.

Based on this, there are many individuals looking to create their own virtual reality videos. Some may want to do it for personal reasons, curiosity or for promoting something. But most are hesitant because they feel it may cost too much. Others are intimated by the technology thinking it could be too difficult to do. While this may be true to some extent, there are ways around it. You can actually create your very own VR videos without spending too much money.

It’s important to remember that there are two types of virtual reality videos. One of them is passive and the other is interactive. Since interactive lets the viewer play or interact with objects, it is more expensive and difficult to create. That means if you are on a budget and have little experience, passive VR videos may be the best, cheapest and easiest option.

The first thing you will need is at least a pair of VR goggles. This is not only necessary for viewing the VR videos you create, but you can use them to create VR videos in certain cases. That’s because there are several apps that let you record VR videos with the right VR headsets and smartphone. If you want to make 360 degree videos, you will likely need a camera. Unlike regular cameras, those used to record 360 degree video are more expensive. However, there are several cameras you can purchase for recording VR videos. Some of them are not that expensive, depending on the model.

Another option is using software or programs to do so. Many of these programs require that you know some coding. There are a few of them which have ‘drag and drop’ features to make using them simpler. Programs such as Adobe Fuse, Mixcast VR, Unity and several others are some worth checking out. The cheapest option is using VR apps such as Video Stitch, Cardboard Camera, 360cam, FullDive Camera and Google Street View. In the end, how much you spend will depend on the type of virtual reality video you want to make or for what purpose. But with the technology continuing to advance, less expensive options will continue to be available.