What Is A Whiteboard Video?

When brewing your next marketing strategy, you should push video marketing on top of the list. The reason behind this move is that 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video on it.

Whiteboard video is a type of an animated video that is categorically one of the explainer-video types. The viewers would see pictures in a timeline approach which flows seamlessly with the storyline. There is usually a narrator and has a traditional flow of having an opening, middle, and closing. The storyline would usually be about products, manuals, or strategic implementations. This type of animation videos are widely used for marketing and communications strategies.

Using a whiteboard video will allow you to edit the images or text which means each video presentation will have a longer shelf life or can be used repeatedly on several occasions without losing its power to captivate and prod people into action.

Whiteboard videos are popular nowadays because this can deliver large amount of information with an easy-to-digest format delivered in a visual platform. Most customers would find time to watch whiteboard videos rather than just read chunks of text online that could be time-consuming.

Here are the advantages of using whiteboard videos for your business:

  • Captivating and memorable. Do you remember how bored you are when listening to long-winding lectures and presentations? You end up learning and remembering nothing. Using whiteboard videos will help you make your presentations clear and interesting.
  • Gives that “Aha!” moment. Whiteboard video presentations help you learn better rather than just reading plain text. Compared to PowerPoint presentations, using Whiteboard will help you understand complicated concepts quickly and accurately.
  • Draws positive feelings.Stunning visuals that draw good emotions help stimulate the mind and boost memory so you get to understand the concept presented right away. Animated whiteboard videos help us relax and keep our minds active because of the adrenaline rush and the rise in dopamine levels that makes us feel good and ready to absorb new information.

Creating whiteboard videos go through different stages in the same way as any animation projects. Your whiteboard video will also need a storyboard with style frames and script. Production time would usually take up to 10 days to complete. Some projects could be longer depending on the design and revisions needed.

Starting a whiteboard video is easier with a vision in mind. You have got to begin with a concept so you would need fewer revisions along the way. Having a clear concept and trajectory in mind will help you produce whiteboard videos with a purpose. This will help you shed light on complicated concepts with an easy-to-understand whiteboard video. Using dynamic whiteboard animation is combining animation with a digital whiteboard is very effective in getting the attention of today’s modern consumers.

While the costs may go as high as $1,500 depending on the project but you can work on a whiteboard video even on a limited budget. There are free or cheap online tools and creative templates that will help you create and build whiteboard videos in a matter of minutes. The use of whiteboard animation will definitely be a great addition to your website, newsletters, and social media posts.

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